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Posted on:2,Sep'14

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Chennai as the healthcare hub of India

Healthcare in Chennai is provided by both government and private hospitals. Chennai attracts a large percentage of the country’s health tourists about 45 percent of those that come from abroad and 30 percent of those that come from other parts of the country. The city has aptly been named India’s health capital. For cancer patients, Chennai offers the best hospitals and research institutes with standardised healthcare. It therefore tops the list among all the cities in India in providing the best cancer treatment. There are various Cancer hospitals and institutes in Chennai. They mostly differ in the offered facilities and treatment plans. Some of the best cancer hospitals in Chennai are listed below.

1. Adyar Cancer Institute has, till now, been rated the best cancer treatment hospital in Chennai. This Government hospital has a huge campus with multi-facility clinics all around. Constant patient support and available facilities have helped this hospital become one of the Top Ranking Centres in the country according to the World Health Organisation. This institute is renowned for its research centre. It also offers a centre for preventive oncology. This institute has also a hereditary clinic, the first of its kind in India. The institute also plays a vital role as a medical screening centre at the district and zonal level.

2. Apollo Speciality Hospitals is one of those private hospitals that provides 360 degree cancer treatment. One of the major features of this hospital is the offering of a comprehensive treatment plan by a specialised panel of expert doctors and clinicians. The board along with diagnostic consultants and visiting doctors carefully examines the referred cases and decides on the method of treatment. This hospital specializes in breast cancer and brain tumour cases. The offered treatment techniques include radiotherapy, radiosurgery, cyber knife therapy, surgical oncology etc. Prime services also include LINAC and bone marrow transplantation.

3. V S Hospitals and Madras Cancer Institute is a multi-speciality private hospital with comprehensive plans for treating cancer. Offered prime services include hormonal therapy, surgical therapy, immunotherapy, monoclonal antibody therapy and so on. The hospital offers medical oncology, surgical oncology, radiation oncology, intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), stereotactic radiosurgery and stereotactic radiotherapy.

4. Dr. Rai Memorial Medical Centre is renowned for its state of the art linear accelerator therapy and tele-cobalt therapy. Other offered services are brachytherapy – HDR, LRD. Their patient support has earned them a name among the best cancer treatment centres in Chennai.

5. Dr. Kamakshi Cancer Institute and Research Centre in Chennai is committed to delivering treatment to cancer patients using modern scientific techniques. This super-speciality hospital specializes in brain cancer cases and offers several specialized techniques like surgical oncology, hormonal therapy and image guided radio therapy. Being a research institute, they also promote cancer research through their state of the art laboratories.

6. MIOT-Madras Institute of Orthopaedics and Trauma is one of the leading cancer hospitals in Chennai. It has a specialised centre for nephrology, liver, heart and brain cancers. Modern tools for treatment form the basis of operations. MIOT specialised in cancer diagnostics and offers state of the art facilities that include CT, fMRI, PET etc.


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